Fine Art & Exhibits
Fine Art & Exhibits

Project Team

Fine Arts transportation is a complex process, especially for group exhibition or international exhibition which needs a rich experienced project team who are professional, high-efficient and rigorous. We are just the right experts!
We will assign a specialized expert who will coordinate with you from beginning to end, listen attentively to your needs and provide the most appropriate and satisfactory solution upon your concerned problem and timetable.


Project Manager
Wayne Li
Customer Manger
Salina Zhai
Team Supervisor(Beijing)
Mr. Shao

Team Supervisor(Shanghai)
Mr. Liu

I can remember every project we handled. They are so familiar and clear for me, just like a series of works elaborately created. I enjoy it very much. And cause of our concentration&carefulness,many museums, artists,curators take us as their liable friend.

Listening to customer’s requirements, providing personalized solution is the first consideration of customs service, also plays an important role in completing a project. We should be thoughtful and careful no matter how complex the exhibition is, so that to solve customer‘s worries.

It is complete different for handling and packing material according to artwork’s condition. We often have brain storm meetings to discuss which the most appropriate and best way of packing is.

No matter for condition check, packing, movement, unloading or transportation, each step should always be undertaken based on our operation principles to make sure the artwork’s highest safety.

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