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News & Events
Tang Xianzu and Shakespeare didn’t know each other four hundred years ago. But in 2016, to commemorate the two great dramatists’ anniversary of the death of the 400, British and China are holding a series of various large and intensive exhibition &a…...
The exhibition was designed by Mr. Lu Hong, It is the first time to intensively show all the works created by artist Wang Guangyi since 2012 which have never been exhibited formally before. The works include the manuscript, oil painting, installations…...
For first exhibition since renovations of He Xiangning Art Museum, to examine, research, analyze, curate and present the works of the leading artists as both overseas students and explorers of Chinese painting in the history of modern Chinese art, inc…...
--Shanghai Pujiang OCT ten-year public art project-2016The Shanghai Pujiang overseas Chinese Town ten-year public art project is a long term public art project devised by Dr. Huang Zhuan(1958-2016) for the new urban district of Pujiang OCT in Shanghai…...
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